Yoga For Treating Constipation

Everyone in this world will surely have experienced the problem of constipation for some time in their life. The lack of bowel movement causes constipation. When our food habits are changed along with good intake of water the constipation problem will be solved.

This seems to be so simple, but the constipation is neglected and then one has to face serious physical illnesses. Some may feel abdominal pain, formation of wind, appetite loss, headache, lethargy, etc. The constipation causes pimples, rheumatism, and arthritis too. There are chances of cancer if the constipation is neglected.

Most of us use laxatives for the cure of constipation. The doctors inform that too much laxative usage is not so good for the health. Yoga is one of the best and effective cures for the constipation.

In first we must understand that yoga is not a quick fix solution for this health problem, but at the same time with help of various yoga exercises you are able eradicate irregular bowel movement issue from our body and life permanently as yoga practices can make all the organs of our body function properly. This eventually cures and help avoid constipation effectively.

Effectiveness of yoga cures for constipation

While performing the Yoga exercises we stretch our body and make our body flexible. This gives us greater relaxation. Yoga functions in all levels of our body. They take care of the external organs including skin and internal organs such as heart, liver, etc. The yoga movements help the digestive system, nervous system and skeletal system to function properly. The stress level of our body is completely reduced.

The yoga makes the digestive system function properly by making a flow of the right amount of digestive juices and making the liver create the right amount of bile. When the digestive system functions properly, the stomach becomes active and peristaltic movements become normal. Then the processed food is pushed forward for elimination.

Time needed to get cure through Yoga

There is no proper time limit to get a cure with yoga. It varies for each and every individual. Some may get the cure in 1-3 days. The cure of constipation through yoga completely depends upon the effectiveness of the digestive system. If the digestive system is not well, then it would take some more time for yoga to treat the constipation. If a person is having long term constipation problems, this indicates improper functioning of the digestive system for a long period.

Best Time to perform Yoga practices

The best time to practice the yoga poses is early in the morning. It can be practiced in other times also and it depends upon the person’s comfort. But, the stomach should be empty before performing the exercises. It would be fine to have a little warm water some thirty minutes before the yoga exercises. Yoga exercises need to be done with great care. So, it should be done after consulting an experienced yoga professional. But there are some basic yoga poses which are very simple and can be performed without any guidance.

Some special Yoga poses for treating constipation.

There are several yoga poses for developing your physical health and they all are interrelated. But there are some yoga poses which cure constipation. You can do that and get all the benefits from it.

  • Bhujanghasana: This pose greatly helps the digestion process and removes constipation instantly.
  • Trikonasana: This pose when performed perfectly helps the elimination of stool without much effort. The elimination occurs very smoothly.
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana: This pose increases the digesting ability of our system and removes the problems of constipation.
  • Supta Vajrasana: We can get relief from constipation with the help of this pose. The digestive system is effectively organized and the cure is done.

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