The Effect Of Magnesium For Constipation

We need to know well about the fact that constipation is not a disease and at the same time it can be considered as a symptom for irregular bowel movements. The person who is having a constipation problem will suffer a lot with physical discomfort and giddiness.

Their stool will be more tough to eliminate and will be hard, dry and become tiny, which causes pain during elimination. The constipation causes physical problems which affect our day to day activities. The constipation makes us feel suffocating all the time till it is cured.

Everyone wants to have good physical health and a strong body. Good physical health mostly depends on how we eliminate the waste and toxic materials from our body. If there is problem in elimination then eventually the whole body health will be affected. The reason for the constipation is poor fiber, less diet and improper life style.

As per our life style and diet habits we may suffer from short term constipation or long term constipation. If we want to get relief from the constipation, then we have to change our food habits and life style. If we take care of our food habits the constipation can be easily solved.

Life style changes make great improvement in our physical health. The constipation is cured easily by consuming plenty of water and fiber filled fruits and vegetables. Lack of body fluids creates a lot of problem while eliminating the stool. When there are enough body fluids then the bowel movement becomes easier which helps us eliminate stool smooth and easier and avoid constipation. The elimination of stool will be eradicated with proper diet and drinking water.

When we think about medical treatment for the constipation problem, the magnesium citrate will be one of the best cures for constipation. There is no need to have prescription of a doctor to get the magnesium citrate from the pharmacies. We don’t have to consult a doctor for having the magnesium citrate for curing the constipation. Most of us are unaware of this treatment.

We can get the magnesium citrate in ten ounce bottles. They are very cheap and it costs less than two bucks. We can consume the magnesium citrate orally. We can get it in different flavors too. Since the magnesium citrate is sour in taste it is advised to take it along with some ice. The ice makes us forget about the sour taste and make it easier to consume.

The magnesium citrate is more effective because of its efficiency of increasing water in the intestines. It absorbs water from other parts of the body to increase the water in the intestines and we need to drink plenty of water to keep our body in a hydrated state. This helps peristalsis to occur which helps move the fecal matter through the intestines. We can see the effect of the magnesium citrate in just three to four hours. We could feel the change from the bowel movement. We need to be patient because sometimes it would take 24 hour duration to get the bowel movement and until then we don’t have to take another dose.

There will be little side effects from the medication of magnesium citrate. We can feel dizziness, nausea and sweating. Some sort of pain in the abdominal area may occur due to the pushing action of fecal matter. We need to consult a doctor if we feel allergic and get some swelling. There are chances for diarrhea because of excessive consumption of water. We need to check with our doctor if we have such problems. But anyway, if it’s fit to you, the magnesium citrate is one of the best way to treat constipation.

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