Signs Of Constipation

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It is important to have vital information about constipation before embarking on knowing the signs and symptoms associated with it. Basically this condition is associated with hard passage of bowel movements. Some medics believe that it is more of a symptom not a disease. Others have a totally different perspective in regards to the subject.

What is for sure though is the fact that people suffering from constipation usually have less than three bowel movements in a week. Stools become small in regards to size, dry and hard and their elimination becomes extremely difficult. There is a lot of difficulty experienced during passage of stool.

Almost everyone has heard, read or worse still experienced constipation once in their lifetime. Individuals who lack adequate energy, with high levels of stress and having back pains always associate these to constipation. Having the accurate information about the condition is vital in countering the menace which brings discomfort and uneasiness.

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How To Avoid Constipation

How To Avoid Constipation by loosepunctuation

Constipation basically refers to a reduced frequency in bowel movements. People suffering from this condition experience difficulty while going for long calls. Bowel movements vary among different individuals depending on various factors. Some may experience bowel activities thrice in a day, others one time in a whole week. A three day span without bowel movement is rather prolonged that stool becomes dry, hard and a lot of effort is required to have it pass.

The whole process turns out to be very painful and in the cases where it turns out to be quite severe it is referred to as fecal impaction. This leads to obstruction of the bowel. Severe constipation or obstipation is that critical stage where the passage of gas and stool is prevented.

Individuals can be considered to be suffering from constipation if a number of symptoms become evident. Some of these include, straining in bowel movements for a period long than a quarter of the time, feeling incomplete evacuation, having dry and hard stools, having less than two bowel activities in a week. Countless factors can be associated with this condition.

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