How To Avoid Constipation

Constipation basically refers to a reduced frequency in bowel movements. People suffering from this condition experience difficulty while going for long calls. Bowel movements vary among different individuals depending on various factors. Some may experience bowel activities thrice in a day, others one time in a whole week. A three day span without bowel movement is rather prolonged that stool becomes dry, hard and a lot of effort is required to have it pass.

The whole process turns out to be very painful and in the cases where it turns out to be quite severe it is referred to as fecal impaction. This leads to obstruction of the bowel. Severe constipation or obstipation is that critical stage where the passage of gas and stool is prevented.

Individuals can be considered to be suffering from constipation if a number of symptoms become evident. Some of these include, straining in bowel movements for a period long than a quarter of the time, feeling incomplete evacuation, having dry and hard stools, having less than two bowel activities in a week. Countless factors can be associated with this condition.

The lack of diets rich in fiber is the leading cause of constipation. Foods rich in fiber lack many calories that the colon has to overwork in processing and absorbing them. The colon thus pushes away the few calories creating a brushing effect on its walls. It is essential to be in the habit of taking a diet that is well balanced containing huge amounts of fiber. Examples of fiber rich foods include vegetables, fruits, cereals and legumes. Insufficient water in the body also contributes to constipation.

The colon is stimulated to absorb water from stool if an individual has low amounts of fluid or water. Medics recommend the intake of up to three liters of water every day unless advised against due to a medical condition. Taking warm liquids on an empty stomach is effective and highly recommended to bring the urge of having a long call. Water and fiber are the most important factors associated with the condition and it is important to have them in huge amounts in the body.

The question that begs is how to avoid constipation. Well, numerous ways exist by which constipation can be avoided. Individuals having difficulties with their stool ought to know both the causes associated and how to avoid constipation. The fact is that this disorder brings much discomfort to the sufferer and most of them actually feel ashamed discussing it with physicians. The good part is that there are ideas designed to reduce constipation symptoms. Additionally, improvement tips of diet intake that guarantee long term health are also provided.

Intake of fiber rich foods

As indicated above, low fiber content is a major cause of the condition. It therefore goes without saying that having a high content fiber will assist in taming the disorder. Individuals ought to eat and be in the habit of taking food that is extremely rich in fiber. This goes miles are making sure preventing constipation from happening.

Drinking high amounts of water

The other way to avoid the defecation is by drinking a lot of water. The body must at any one time contain high levels of water. Any fluid that has a tendency of dehydrating the body is discouraged from being taken. Drinks such as coffee and alcohol with high percentage of concentration ought to be done by all means possible. Eight glasses of water per day are considered ideal for any human being. This will provide the body with the necessary moisture amounts. Individuals who are in the habit of taking drinks that have high caffeine should cut down on this as they dehydrate the body.

Avoid overeating

It is important not to overeat. The digestion of small meals is much easier and beneficial as compared to larger meals. It is advisable to take additional meals from the traditional three meals a day. Late night eating of food is discouraged as the body finds it hard to digest food.


Constipation can also be avoided through exercises. The body must be involved in numerous activities preferably thirty minutes daily. Being consistent in these exercises is crucial as the body will get used and at the same improving the general health. By engaging in vigorous activities it makes the gut to execute its duties effectively. Levels of nitric oxide are increased drastically thus alleviating constipation. The fast is low levels of nitric oxide is one of the contributing factors of the condition together with hypertension especially in the elderly and pregnant women.

Taking of prunes

There is a rather old school remedy to the difficulties of passing out of stool. This is the eating of prunes or alternatively drinking of prune juice. By doing this, it really helps in loosening of the bowels. The good thing about this solution is the fact that the juice has a very sweet taste. Therefore drinking the juice will be a sweet affair at the same time offering huge relief to the problems in the stomach.

Use of fiber supplements

The many people who do not do vegetables or any other food rich in fiber are advised to use fiber supplements. Constipation problems will be hugely reduced through this method. It should be done daily. Many fiber products exist in various outlets which come in different flavors. They can be mixed with any drink an individual prefers to use but works best with fruit juice. Medical practitioners recommend the intake of at least twenty to thirty four grams of fiber daily. The best part about fiber supplements is that they can deliver this required amount easily. A great fiber product is contained in a chewable tablet that is fruit flavored which goes by the name fiber choice.

Minor cases of constipation can be alleviated by the use of a laxative or stool softener. However the use of laxative ought not to be prolonged as this aggravates symptoms. Having a clue about which factor is responsible for the case at hand is vital as this will make it easy for combating it. If the disorder becomes severe medication attention ought to be sought immediately.

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