Effect Of Suppository For Constipation

We all know well about the constipation and it is a symptom of the reduced bowel movement. If we allow the constipation un-treated then there will have serious illnesses occurring and affecting our physical health.

The person who is suffering from a constipation problem will suffer a lot from performing day to day activities. There are certain medicines which can be taken orally and some can be supplied through the rectum. The shape of suppositories is elongated with one end blunt and the other end tapering gradually.

Reason for Using Suppositories for Constipation

Some people suffer from vomiting tendency when they are treated with certain medicines. The pills or tablets will be wasted out before the body takes the effects from them. The medicines will not be inside the body for sufficient time to take action.

So, the suppositories are utilized for ease in administration and optimal efficiency. It is always wise to treat the infants and pregnant women when the doctors prescribe glycerin suppositories for infants and bisacodyl suppositories for constipation during pregnancy.

Utilizing Suppositories for Constipation

The glycerin or bisacodyl (brand name Dulcolax, Correctol and Alophen) are the best suppositories for constipation. They are stimulant laxatives and work by contracting the intestinal walls.The peristaltic movements eventually trigger the rectum and colon for defecation. We can buy the rectal suppositories formulated with bisacodyl in 10 mg concentration for adults and 5 mg concentration for children. Moreover, glycerin suppositories are available in different dosages to help patient avoid constipation.

There are certain practical mistakes occuring while providing the suppositories for constipation. Inserting the wrong side is one among them. People get confused by the shape of the delivering end. But, it is correct to insert the blunt end first while lying on the left side and keeping the left knee in a slightly bending position. It is more important to maintain the personal hygiene. So, all the doctors suggest wearing a clean hand glove during the insertion of rectal suppository.

The suppository delivered with the blunt lasts longer and this increases the efficiency of the laxatives. The distance achieved by the rectal suppositories and effectiveness are related to the anatomical structure of rectum which eventually results in the muscular movements of the bowel. The suppositories for constipation are inserted up to one inch inside the rectum. They release the medicine after they are inside the rectum.

The process is so effective and one can expect the results in fifteen to sixty minutes. The results differ with respect to the physical condition of the patient or the type and concentration of the medicine used for the treatment. Whatever it may be, the rectal suppositories are used for the patients to get instant relief from prolonged constipation.

The rectal suppositories should be used strictly for the rectal use and oral consumption is absolutely not advisable. The laxatives should not be used regularly. They should not be used in consecutive days. This would make the body get addicted to the process and cause more sickness like diarrhea and associated medical conditions, including electrolyte imbalance in the body, reduced blood potassium levels () and dehydration.

The suppositories for constipation are safe and free of laxatives side effects when they are utilized properly. The supervision of the physician is essential when treating the pregnant women with the rectal suppositories. There are no reported side effects of the rectal suppositories treated with the pregnant women, even though we have to take care of the mother and the baby because of the process of rectal suppositories is closely related to the process of the child delivery. At all times it is better to follow the advice of the doctor while getting the rectal suppositories treatment for constipation.

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