Do You Know About Prunes For Constipation?

The reduced bowel movement is the basic reason for constipation. If the bowel movement of a person is reduced to two or three times per week, then there will appear the effects of constipation. There will be several symptoms including cramps in stomach, gas formation, bloated stomach, nausea, headache and loss of appetite.

Other than these the patients suffer a lot from the constipation and their day to day activities will be greatly affected. Most of the people try to get cure from constipation in different ways. Among those natural ways is always best to treat the constipation problem.

Consuming prunes is one of the best ways to cure constipation. When it comes to eating prunes the youngsters are unaware of certain things. They can get the idea of consuming prunes by reading further.

Prunes: Effective fiber filled food.

The reason for the importance of the fiber filled food to cure the constipation is very much interesting. When the food is filled with fiber then while digesting they will be remained in the intestine along with the water content. Moreover they will absorb more water from our system. So, we need to drink a lot of water to balance the water levels in our body. The fiber contents will make the elimination smooth and slippery. This results in cures for constipation. So, we need to take the right quantity of prunes with our daily food.

Prunes: Provides Potassium for the body.

The potassium and vitamin A are richly available in prunes. They qualify the prunes as a good constipation relief food. The enzymes of the body are highly activated in the digestion process. The enzymes activate the peristalsis, which helps to move the stools from the digestive tract. Potassium assists in pulling water out of the body and into the colon. Moreover, they strengthen the colon walls and protect them from bacteria. A lot of tension and stress is created in the human body with the lack of potassium. The tension eventually increases the constipation in our body. But prunes provide a lot of potassium and make us relieved from constipation.

Prunes: Unbeatable Natural Laxative

When we use chemical laxatives there are a lot of chances for getting the side effects. They may end up in diarrhea or something allergic causing swelling. We need to check it with a doctor to get away from such kind of problems. When we eat limited quantity of prunes, we will sure do good for our physical health and never affect our body system as chemical laxatives do. Some people will be having a weaker digestive system and they will avoid prunes. They can try the prune juice instead of eating them. The prune juice is so mild that it can be used to treat infant constipation.

You can get prunes from the market and even if it is not available you can buy some plums and keep them in sunlight for four to five days. By this process you can make your own prunes from home. There are some side effects in consuming prunes however.

Prunes and the Side Effects

The calcium in our body is absorbed by the oxalates, which are present in the prunes. If the oxalates are too excessive in our body they will make the body fluid contents solid. So, it is better to avoid prunes if you have a kidney or gallbladder problem. In order to avoid the stomach cramping and gas we have to control the consumption of the prunes within limit. That really serves well for our health.

The prunes when taken with limited quantity and with more water give us great physical health by driving away the constipation.

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