Bananas And Constipation

Many people often ask themselves whether bananas are one of the causes of constipation. Today there are numerous and conflicting sources in relation to banana constipation. Some quarters are of the opinion that these great sources of minerals and vitamins cause diarrhea while still hold that they are responsible for constipation. What is for sure is that bananas are of great benefit to the body.

Bananas are very rich in fiber, potassium and manganese. They are also an incredible vitamin C and B6 source. They contain very low levels of cholesterol, saturated fats and sodium. Obviously anything that has a positive side must also possess down side attributes.

These fruits contain high levels of calories as compared to other fruits which sadly come from sugar. The colon benefits hugely from the soluble fiber contained in bananas.

Fiber acts as the main ingredient to the health of the colon and without it the extent of pain experienced is out of this world. Bacteria found in the colon take fiber as candy, break it into pieces and eventually release acids and gases.

This is what is commonly referred to as fermentation. By products of the entire fermentation process assist in the nourishing of the intestines lining and well as provide energy to the other body parts a perfect example being the liver.

Contrary to what a good number of people think, constipation is less of a disease and thus is a condition. It brings with it difficulty or problems in stool passage or defecating. This happens as a result of hardening and drying of the stool. The muscles of the colon fail to contract thus making it hard for elimination of stool from the digestive tract to where the rectum is. Various causes are associated with this condition such as low fluid intake, low fiber, lack of exercises, and many more.

The relationship between bananas and constipation has always caused a lot of debate among professionals and ordinary people. The fact that everyone ought to know is that yellow bananas have a good reputation with alleviating the problem of constipation. A totally different case is true with green bananas. The condition is made worse by eating the green fruits but improved by their yellow counterparts.

This is simply for the reason that yellow bananas are very rich in fiber and potassium which are perfect for easing all the problems brought about by constipation. Bowel movement throughout the intestine is made simple by the soluble fiber after its quick absorption. Potassium the other very important element helps in the strengthening of the colon walls thus making it function efficiently and effectively. The bulk of the stool matter is increased by the banana pulp.

Potassium and prunes are naturally considered to be good proven remedies to avoid constipation. It therefore goes without saying that individuals ought to avoid eating green bananas and focus on the yellow ripe ones. What is weird and sort of hilarious is that the green bananas are considered appropriate for the complete opposite of constipation that is diarrhea. They help in the hardening of the rather soluble stool. Either way it can be concluded that both of these banana types are quite important in providing medical treatment.

Imperatively to be noted is the fact that constipation can be avoided through other many ways in addition to using the yellow bananas. Drinking lots of water is very much helpful. Eating of fresh lightly cooked green vegetables is also an effective way of combating the constipation menace. Individuals suffering will find eating beans and apples pretty much helpful as well. All these will go miles in eradicating the problem totally.

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